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Welcome to our space on the internet, we are so glad that you stopped by. This is a space filled with positivity and hope. If you are looking for supervision as a BCBA or BCaBA student applicant, or You are a new BCBA seeking mentorship, or you are an RBT seeking supervision. We have that here for you. We also offer parent coaching for families as well using the principles of ABA as the basis for our coaching services. 


My name is Kathleen Humphrey-Dell

I am a BCBA, LBA, IBA  that has been working in the field of ABA for about seven years now. I am also a mom to four children. I ran into this field by going through the diagnosis of three of my children. I have three children with special needs. I ran into this field as a parent seeking help and support for my children. When I started to learn how this field could help me support my children by not changing them because they are just fine, but rather changing the way I responded and the way I changed my environment, I was sold! This field is amazing and I am so happy that I found this field, and that I am now able to share this with others! 

Our Services


Parent Coaching

Need support at home with your child or children? Need a way to make challenging situations better? Let us know your situation and we can work together to make a plan that will work for you and your family.  


Supervision Services

We offer supervision services for students that are working on their fieldwork hours, or RBTs that are needing supervision. You are able to schedule meetings per hour or a package amount of time. We provide high-quality supervision to help you learn what you need to learn in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. 


Study Sessions

Studying for the RBT, BCBA, and BCaBA exams. We offer packages of study sessions, or individual bookings if that meets your needs better. 

Remote Supervision

I can meet your supervision needs as an RBT or a Student in Applied Behavior Analysis. Contact for rates


Preparing for the RBT, BCaBA, BCBA exam, need a little help through the task list, I am here to help you through with individually prepared study sessions. 

Parent Coaching

Are you a parent struggling with behavioral issues with your children, and trying to increase or decrease behaviors? Just want some help and support through these? I am here to prepare an individualized plan and support you. 

One Hour Study Session

Book your one hour study session 

One Hour Consultation

Book your one hour parent coaching session.

One Hour Supervision

Book your one hour supervision session.


Middle Tennessee


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